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What is thoggen?

Thoggen is a DVD backup utility ('DVD ripper') for Linux, based on GStreamer and Gtk+.

Thoggen should work just fine for the most part, but make still sure to check the list of known issues.


How is it different from all the others?

Thoggen is designed to be easy and straight-forward to use. It attempts to hide the complexity many other transcoding tools expose and tries to offer sensible defaults that work okay for most people most of the time.


  • Easy to use, with a nice graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Supports title preview, picture cropping, and picture resizing.

  • Language Selection for audio track (no subtitle support yet though)

  • Encodes into Ogg/Theora video

  • Can encode from local directory with video DVD files

  • Based on the GStreamer multimedia framework, which makes it fairly easy to add additional encoding formats/codecs in future.


Supported formats
  • Ogg/Theora: - Theora video with Vorbis audio in an Ogg container (in case you have not heard of Theora before: it is basically what Vorbis is for audio - a patent-free, royalty-free codec that can be implemented by anone and is supported by recent versions of all major media players on all major platforms).

  • AVI/divx/mpeg4: - More formats, like MPEG4/divx/xvid in AVI etc., will be added once the core functionality has been finished and works reliably.




  • GStreamer core 0.10.14 or newer

  • GStreamer plugins required: a52dec, mpeg2dec, dvddemux, dvdreadsrc, theoraenc, vorbisenc, oggmux, videorate, and others (see README for details of versions required)

  • Gtk+ 2.10.0 or newer

  • libdvdread3 (version 0.9.4 or higher)

  • HAL, libhal, dbus, and the dbus GLib bindings



Thoggen is licensed under the GNU General Public license (GPL).


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